On Blaming

JP said, "with the Republicans controlling everything, they will only have themselves to blame when their policies don’t magically make everything better."

We can say that blaming does nothing. It was blame that Trump falsely foisted on Hillary for her "damn emails," also about Benghazi. He said a lot of horrible, nasty, unforgivable things about that woman and many other women. But what’s more, blame doesn’t work.

Take the Great Recession. It is clear to us from the left that pretty much everything W touched turned to crap. And we can blame the Crash straight on his policies. The right doesn’t see it that way, though; they have cited a plethora of other reasons. And the several recessions before that – all occurred after rightist economics were implemented. Duh! Reaganomics and its cronies is a crock! Well, again, the right thinks trickle down economics can’t be wrong.

The germane topic is not vitriol, though I am certainly angry at the election results, but looking toward good policy.

Everything that is rational to me points me to the sort of policies that our current president has advocated. He can take credit for a rescuing a country the W took to the toilet and transformed it into a steadily growing economy, implementing health care reform, and balancing a foreign policy that promotes democracy while safeguarding American lives. The president-elect has either discredited ideas, immoral ideas, outright falsehoods, or no policy at all. In my opinion, everything that is rational was outvoted last night. America will be led by a reptile brain, not a thinking one. The reptile brain doesn’t think, it is emotional and fight-or-flea; it wants to win at any cost.

What won the election was the lack of clarity, the art of making so many vague promises to everyone. The small percentage of voters who voted FOR Trump – not against Clinton – projected their own hopes onto this candidate with virtually no policy proposals. Obama, frankly, did the same sort of thing in his own way in ’08.

We will watch to see if Trump can deliver on the various platitudes he has uttered. While I hope most of them fail, it is worth noting that he is has been all over the map with many policy statements, on Iraq, abortion, wages, and more. So, by saying pretty much nothing, he can more easily do it. A couple of his policies ARE moderate, like wanting to rebuild infrastructure. And despite his rhetoric, Obama has quietly enforced a great deal of immigration violations, and immigration is very low now.

I too hope, will pick and choose which of Trump’s ideas should be implemented.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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