And now my take on THIS week

The Supreme Court likes states’ rights. They think states can make their own rules about marriage, voting rights, and other stuff. This is fairly constitutional. They also want to enforce equal protection under the law, and it is a good thing that they believe same-sex marriage deserves that protection. There is an implied contradiction in states’ rights to make marriage rules, and federal protection of equal protection. This decision begs future cases for those states that do not recognize same sex marriage. There may be a way to write a law to guarantee rights while not recognizing marriage, but it seems pretty difficult right now, according to the SCOTUS. The tide is coming in for equal rights, rightly so.

Regarding the Voting Rights decision, I think SCOTUS indicted congress in a fair way, telling them to update their laws with data. I believe the data exists to prove that discrimination still exists, in Shelby County too. I agree that actual reform of the law if way unrealistic, given this over-partisan congress. But it’s the right thing to do. The only repair of this setback is for the mainstream public to urge Congress to renew the bill… fat chance, I know.

Regarding voter registration and identification laws, I say BO-O-GUSS! I wish states would keep better records, and allow all voters to vote, ideally.

I watched a re-run of Frontline’s report on ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council). This organization needs some serious scrutiny! Send the freaking IRS after them! And the ethics commission, and everyone else!

Nelson Mandela: One great man. Will Obama attend his funeral – whenever it should come – as a return trip, since he is in the neighborhood now?

Silvia Berlusconi: Creepster!

Vlad Putin: Czar!

Wendy Davis: Hero! Run for Governor, do!

Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and Rick Perry: Bozos.

Paula Deen: Who cares?

Regarding Eddie Snowden: let him stay in the Moscow Airport. Obama: reform the privacy laws to the post 911 era. The wars are ending, so should the over-secrecy.

Regarding Immigration: The right is crazy in their pursuit of isolating the US and putting a dome of the country. The business world needs to spend its lobbying money on training Americans to take the jobs they are creating. The whole country needs to be willing to pay more to support the low wage jobs done mostly by immigrants. And the Senate bill should be passed.

Good work, Obama in moving forward with climate change rules. My personal belief is that it is by and large too late to change much, but these are the right changes to make in any case. I like the idea of a carbon tax (but I know the weenies in the House do not).


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I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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