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Let’s go living in the past.

Recent news events have a theme, as All Things Considered astutely reported today. Nobody is quite clear what the state of and what to do about the issue of race in our country at this point in history. I wholeheartedly … Continue reading

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And now my take on THIS week

The Supreme Court likes states’ rights. They think states can make their own rules about marriage, voting rights, and other stuff. This is fairly constitutional. They also want to enforce equal protection under the law, and it is a good … Continue reading

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My Take on This Week

The Farm bill failed, it should have. The liberals wanted some more benefits, the reasonable conservatives wanted reform; the radical conservatives wanted to trash most of the bill. Its failure exemplifies the fractured, ridiculous mess in Congress. Here’s what I … Continue reading

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Reactions to Michael n the Wash Post

Sometimes I think Michael Gerson is a very reasonable conservative, and I do think that "reasonable conservative" is not a completely outlandish concept. I mean, it’s possible, sometimes, okay? His latest column is an attempt to advise the Republicans to … Continue reading

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Obama’s Solution

E J Dionne is pretty much correct about What’s Obama Fighting For? He claims Obama has let scandals manufactured by the right (and the press) take too much of the agenda, despite a truly recovering economy which should overshadow the … Continue reading

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John on the Thom Hartmann show

Yours truly had a video comment make the air on the Thom Hartmann show on Thursday in his my take/your take segment. I look like I just got out of bed, which isn’t far from the truth. I come on … Continue reading

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New Normal

I don’t want to blame Obama for these revelations about intrusive government. The whole idea of the government getting phone records came from W’s cronies. The intrusion into the reporters’ sources is in a similar vein. Drones. This whole security … Continue reading

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