Facts somehow eeek out a victory, temporarily

In the latest Time magazine, Fareed Zakaria quotes from Michael Savage’s book, about how meatballs tasted better before the liberals ruined our world. And I am confident that the liberals did have a definite plot to curse meatballs for every more. Glad Michael Savage has exposed this evil mission for the good of us all. If the Savage Nation can keep our culture from eating tainted meatballs, it is clear these are the people I want to ally with in picking a president and making health care decisions.

This is the sort of subtle reasoning that helps to create the alternative reality that perpetuates itself and keeps the right media in business. It’s why fact checking is not important to that side of the spectrum. Because logic, facts, and reality are all tricks of the “Demoncrat Commu-Nazi libs” to get you to their side.

Bill Clinton’s speech at the Convention was really like shooting fish in a barrel. He was just the one who had the courage to make the effort to challenge the right wing house of cards. It’s too bad that the mainstream media doesn’t challenge the fakery more, and that even Obama played his speech so cautiously. I suppose Obama must play his cards close to his chest because every comment made is quickly not only checked, but also spun – or lied about – in order to make better for their side.

Last week, on Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviewed “Mickey Edwards on Democracy’s ‘Cancer.’ In his new book, The Parties Versus the People, the former Republican congressman says party leaders have too much control over who runs for office, what bills make it to the floor and how lawmakers vote.” Party lines control talking points, they supersede any goal of government responding to the will of the people, or even good government at all (Remember, “Our number one priority, fellow Republicans, will be to make Barack Obama a one term president!”?)

It’s just too much, I say.

THIS JUST IN: Obama received a five-point bounce after the convention. Perhaps some people do still live in the real world.

It’s gonna take a whole new dose of bogusness for Michael Savage to recover from this. His profits are on the line.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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