What the Obama Care Decision Means to the Right

It’s no ordinary loss. We’re talking about the Supreme Court, and their opinions do matter. They are one whole branch of the Federal Government. They were so confident that their ideas would be legitimized – and in fact it would seem so was the media and public at large – and now, that steam engine is stopped in its tracks. What’s tough about this for them is that no amount of propaganda, talk media saturation, billboards, grocery store line talk; nothing will change this. The right has gotten a dose of reality here. And it is something they are not used to. Anger, scrambling; watch out for disunity which is easily translated in their world to the capital sin of disloyalty. Rick Perry called it a stomach punch. New rally cries are issued to the faithful. Donate more! Now! Buy more ads! Some called for Justice Roberts’ head. Some lamented the death of the Constitution. It even dulls cries for the impeachment of Obama, which were out there (really out there!).

It seemed as though there was a coalition forming, a movement that could rally around a New Right. And then, bam. The best those “true conservatives” could do is find a silver lining, or look at the long run. It’s like living in Narnia, being forced back through the wardrobe door when you were about to win a battle, and Aslan the Loin is there; in the real world. Now what do we do?

Clearly, Romney doesn’t quite know either. He’s damned whatever he does. Tax. Romneycare. Flip Flopper. Appeaser. Another tough situation.

There may well be silver linings for the right. Everyone – on both sides – has scrutinized this law for nuances and subtle implications. But for the Affordable Care Act, the only way the right gets its way is now through Congress. Eventually they realized it was a tax. Tax is a dirty word! That ought to rally everyone! And the Justices may have begun a nuanced, narrow interpretation of the Commerce Claus. This could pave the way for all sorts of new rulings

Reality is a tough place in which to plan, it’s even a tougher place to live. The right has been drifting from reality slowly and steadily for quite some time. Jeb Bush acknowledged it when he said Reagan would not be accepted by today’s Right. How about Climate Change, another example? It started with planting seeds of doubt in the findings of research, then they referred to their own repeated propaganda as a recognizable pattern of uncertain findings, and then it all became a full-blown “our side versus yours.” This sort of subversion is hard to stop when it is well crafted. If you want your lie to be believed, lie big, so they say.

So we are all – left, right and center – together in this real world. We certainly don’t agree, or always even like each other. But at least we’ll vote in the same precincts and after that, have to live in the same world.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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One Response to What the Obama Care Decision Means to the Right

  1. JP says:

    Jim, good analysis. I hope you’re right and it makes some on the right see reality. I think some will just double down further. Romney is stuck, changing his mind so many times this week I lost count on whether he thinks it’s a tax or a penalty or what (Brooks on Brooks and Dionne–filling in for Shields tonight–was certain that the jobs report today was bad bad bad news for Obama that would last but that Romney’s flopping around on the word tax was a big nothing that wouldn’t last more than a few days and wouldn’t hurt his campaign, because “something will happen in October that will make people decide”. Will someone please let him know there will be three more jobs reports before the election?)
    I just hope–though I’m not really confident–that the Democrats will repeat repeat repeat that this new “tax” will affect around one percent of the people, and it is not, as Sean Hannity and friends keep bleating, the biggest tax increase in history. Jim, thanks for the reminder that the Judicial branch is one of the three branches of government, cause you know, polls show only about two out of five of us Americans are connected enough to reality to actually be able to name the three branches of our government.
    There is still the matter of implementing the law, and if Romney wins, while he can’t just repeal it, he can essentially defund it and not provide any money to implement it, so the election remains vitally important. Because, let us remember why this was an important victory–not just because it was fun to watch the right throw Roberts under the bus, etc., but because of the wonderful things the Affordable Care Act does for actual, living, still breathing, Americans; keeps them on their parents plan till they are 26, prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, prevents insurance companies from just dropping you when you get sick (and you bet they did that in droves), removes lifetime caps in benefits, helps the poor who could not otherwise afford insurance get insurance and thus have a better shot at participating in the American dream, and, by making everyone have insurance, saves everyone money because we won’t be paying for the uninsured who as their only option go to the emergency room. And as the law moves towards being fully implemented, that list will grow. And now we can begin the real fight towards Medicare for all, towards joining the rest of the industrial, 1st world, civilized nations of the planet in providing health care for all of our citizens.

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