On this Day of Jockeying

From my initial look, Mitt Romney has an impossible task ahead of him, and to my delight, cannot win the presidency. It seems so obvious. The guy panders to every corner of his party. He is oblivious to anyone who makes a tenth of his income. His faith is a deal breaker for many “true” Christians. Every one of his primary opponents excoriated him to the point where they cannot enthusiastically endorse him. The Tea Party has seemingly taken over much of the traditional power center of his party, and the moderate Republicans seemingly have no home. It’s a daunting task, to weave together a party so fractured.

This is a show worth watching. Before it actually became reality, Republican unity seemed so far off that it was easy to dismiss Mitt as it can’t be done, especially by him. Now, it is his only mission, and the right has no other choice. This is the guy who made some success putting together the Salt Lake City Olympics, with all of its diverse interests. This is the guy who negotiated Health Care reform in Massachusetts, with success which he may not readily admit.

It will take supreme efforts of all that politics is good for: re-invention, spinning, lying, money, and more money. The press has seemingly made the pre-emptive first volley. They have found all sorts of clips to document many of the issues on which Mitt and his putative allies will have to back track, and caught him in various untruths already. Most of these are volleys across Mitt’s bow about his electability, his record, his style of pandering, and verbal gaffs. This collection of quotes and photos is a substantial bunch, over which any politician with principles or honor could not leap. Those days are gone, of course. So here’s where I expect chameleon Mitt might just excel.

He will tell the Tea Party he’ll never compromise, and then tell the moderates that people of different stripes can work together if they will just give a little. Paul Ryan will be hailed as a prophet, just as he will praise the common citizen whose benefits will be axed. He’ll promise to not raise taxes, and raise user fees and re-jockey loopholes instead. He’ll promise the AARP that he’ll keep government hands off their Medicare. He’ll ask Obama not to politicize his success with terrorists while buying pizza for New York emergency workers. He will take credit for “success,” which arose from government programs he claims to oppose. The irony truly will have no limit.

You see, for Republicans, loyalty is more important than principle. Defeating Obama is more important than, well, anything. The Republicans will come together, because they know the cost of not doing so. The price to pay will be any sort of integrity.


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I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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One Response to On this Day of Jockeying

  1. JP says:

    Great post. Reminded me of one other party fracture the Republicans have brought on themselves. Did you see this week where Paul Ryan threw Ayn Rand under the bus, saying that the idea he worshipped her was an urban legend? (Apparently he forgot that things are recorded, and it was good to see some media outlets playing his statements that he got into politics because of Rand and that she, more than any other thinker, influenced his worldview.) He had to do it because he was getting psuhback on his budget by Catholic bishops. Finally, at long last, the utter incompatiblity of Ayn Rand and Christianity was exposed, and Paul Ryan went running. The problem now is that for a long time somehow the Christian right wing of the Republican party and the libertarian wing have co-existed. Now that Paul Ryan has distanced himself from Rand, a rift has opened with the libertarian and non-religious part of the party, Ron Paul and senator son Rand. They are a fairly small, but significant part of the party, and this is one more rift that Mitt Romney will ahve to try to heal. Good luck with that, Rominee.

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