I Don’t Do Outrage

That’s one word I am quite tired of. Outrage has pretty much one purpose, and that is to draw in consumers of media.

There is the hype about missing persons, punditry about various trials made public and that kind of junk that Headline News has become. That entire B-level media is obviously worthless hype. But it’s just about the same when we get all fanatic about any political issue: the debt, taxes, even a stupid move like hiring Robert Bork, CIA prostitute parties, etc.

What we really need is a public that rationally asks for wisdom and good practice. Investigating an issue is fine, advocating for good decisions is great. Carrying signs, yelling, protesting, and other vain activities only serve the conspiracy theorists and media, all leading to greater polarization.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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