New Center

Jim, you have spoken of a New Center. I like the idea and I expect we mean something a little different by it. And I’m beginning what will be a series of posts outlining what I would see as a New Center, a center that represents the American people, a center that provides justice for all Americans, a center where fairness and equality of opportunity are the goal, a center where our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. I don’t believe either party is anywhere near having that as an agenda right now. Today I point to Richard Eskow’s excellent column outlining the sweetheart deal Goldman Sachs just got from the SEC. The deal in no way represented the rule of law, in no way represented the American people, in no way represented the interests of anyone other than the powerful money of Goldman Sachs. Yet, in our current system, it is the best our government could do. It is not in the new center or the old center, it is a radical capitulation to power and money, with the American people paying the price. A New Center as I envision it rejects this deal outright and seeks true justice without special treatment for the rich and powerful.


About JP

We're two guys who met in college, in 1980. We've stayed in touch, and like to talk politics, current events, music and religion. JP is nore liberal than Sid, but not in every way. We figure that dialogue stimulates ideas, moderates perspective, and is in general friendly. These are things we need badly in these dangerous times. The blog name is taken from a song by Bruce Cockburn.
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