Restoring Confidence in Government vs. Business

On Apr 7, 2012, at 1:40 PM, Jim Parry wrote:

I have a Clinton-esque attitude about economics these days…

I love market oriented incentives to achieve the desired outcome.

Theoretical tax revenue sounds crazy to a liberal, but normal course for a conservative… it fits in with their idea that when business increases, then so does tax revenue. In their world, make things easier for business, and they will pay the taxes in return.

In my mind, that works, as long as the rules are followed, which are supposed to anticipate abuse and corruption. In your mind, there should be a few more rules and protection of the public – and best wishes to the corporations to find a way to make a profit given the constraints. It’s a matter of scale of regulations.

The fewer the regulations, the more creativity is allowed the market. Sometimes creativity is wonderful, giving us cool innovations and products, sometimes it’s undesirable, like bad and overcrowded jails, pollution, unsafe products (safety is a relative word, not an absolute, isn’t it?), etc.

Obama has little responsibility to pander to the liberal wing – whether or not that is his base. His prize lies in the NEW center, which is composed of people who eye the Tea party and for a variety of reasons and particulars, at least are aware that their reactionary, government shrinking ideas are serious.

For example, with respect to AHCA (Anybody ever comment that it is good to not be named the Affordable Care Health Entity… ACHE?), he has to cast the law as it really is, a reform of Medicare, and an expansion of coverage for everyone. He needs to cast aspersion on the mandate thing, or at least move that out of the spot light. The act is more of a good thing, with market reforms in it. A simple and anticipated aspect is the exchange thing – helping folks to find their best deal.

The right press’s duty is to find issues to inflame their audience. Give them as little ammunition as possible. Obama should take initiative to excite the public dialogue. All this is to say his efforts are best and likely to be pandering to the center until he is elected. Once elected, of course, he is free to be his real self. I do not anticipate that will be any radical change, though. He really is a rational centrist, and I like that about him. He governs best when he governs like Clinton – triangulating and looking for win-win situations.

Governing, say in opposition to what W did, as far left as he was right is only a way to piss off the public and disgust them with any politics. I’m not after way tighter environmental regulations, just some better ones, and restoration of the erasures that W made. I am fine with incremental reform of prisons, corporate regulations, etc. The best single thing Obama could do for the country is restore faith in government, and that will not happen with a far left agenda. His idealist statements point in a good direction, and that is how he campaigned. Those platitudes are not campaign promises, just setting sights, laying tracks the right way.

Obama is, by this reckoning, true to his word. There is simply no way to paint Mitt as true to any form except, "I’m your man, republicans." As I see it, this election is not a major deal, it’s exciting only to those who want a good fight in the press. The extremists on either side and the press itself see this as epic. I see it as a pretty loud right side about to lose, a quieter left side who will only get some of what they want, and a hopeful and deserving center. General election: 58% Obama.


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I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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