Our attention is better directed…

The trouble with Rush Limbaugh is the same trouble with Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Matt Drudge; any press is good press for them. The best we can do for the people who thrive on controversy, tasteful or not – and almost always not – is to marginalize them. The only vocalization or press they deserve is an emphatic, “nobody pays any attention to them anymore.” Let’s starve THAT beast!

Trouble is, the press cannot do this for the Republican primaries because there is evidently some air of legitimacy to them. All this is despite the fact that voter turnout is shamefully low, and the pool of candidates has proven to be a circus of scandal and marginalized fanaticism. The Church of the Ridiculous Evangelical Dominionists likes Rick Santorum. The Mormons and a few Republican moderates like Mitt “I am whoever you want me to be” Romney. And there are six people who will go to their graves dedicated to Ron Paul, and six more who think we need a Satan in the Whitehouse named Newt.

The public and the media are sincerely trying to respect this primary season, but, come on. Slime, mud, crazy people, chameleons… Does any sensible person really need this? I have better things to do! I’ll vote when we get a candidate…Obama.


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I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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One Response to Our attention is better directed…

  1. JP says:

    The fastest way to marginalize these guys would be to ignore them. And given the number of listeners that Rush has, a response to his hate speech is appropriate.
    The reason we won’t see the media just ignore Rush, Drudge, etc., is that once upon a time to be awarded the right to use our public airwaves, part of the deal was that you provided public service programming, i.e. a news division that was not subject to the same profit motive as the rest of your programming. The FCC, under Reagan, said, nah, you should be able to make a profit on everything, there should be no real cost to you for using the public airwaves. And so it has been since, where now news divisions of networks have to make a profit just like the entertainment divisions. And train wrecks will always draw more viewers than serious journalism. And loud screaming speech will attract more attention than reasoned debate. To put is simply, we used to make an attempt to appeal the better angels of our nature, and now we have just given in completely to our baser instincts. So we have Rush and all his clones.
    It’s bad enough that it makes us have to deal with Rush and the like. The far more troubling aspect of it all, as you point out, is that one of our two political parties has become just as ridiculous as Rush. And that does not bode well for our body politic.

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