Ear Candy

From the AP, Feb. 11: On Friday, after three weeks of controversy that pitted the nation’s Catholic bishops against the White House, Obama retreated. Instead of requiring employers to cover contraception, the policy would now require insurance companies to provide free birth control coverage in separate agreements with workers who want it.

Conservatives scoffed. "It’s an accounting trick – the employer still plays the insurance," said Mike Gonzales of the Heritage Foundation. "Do (White House officials) think people are stupid?".

What is Sean Hannity’s answer? He certainly hopes so. His ratings depend on it.


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I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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One Response to Ear Candy

  1. JP says:

    And Hannity is right about his viewers. He has them so brainwashed they won’t believe anything they don’t hear on the Fox Noise Channel. There are hopeful signs. In the past couple years, Hannity, O’Reilly, and Beck have had their radio shows dropped in some big markets due to poor ratings. Beck was even dropped in his home town of Philadelphia, causing him to immediately denounce Philly. Of course, since getting booted from Fox and starting his own subscription based TV show, his audience has dropped by over 90%. In the face of no evidence, it’s hard to keep up the red hot passion of hatred forever, and you can see signs of it breaking. There is still plenty of fear about the black man in the white house, and at the same time he’s been there three years now and he hasn’t taken away all our guns or rounded up every white man and put them on a work farm (you think I exaggerate, but I have a friend who works for the Fish & Wildlife Service in New Orleans, and her co-workers really, truly, actually believed that is what Obama was going to do when he got in office). So they need to continually make up new things to get the invective going, and ultimately that is hard to sustain. It’s why Newt keeps rising and falling; his campaign is all about stirring up hatred. He gets people stirred up and they flock to him, and then emotions subside and people go back to Mitt or Santorum (both as crazy as Newt but they don’t present themselves outright as haters as emotionally as does Newt). After a lull, Newt stirs up some new hatred and fear and people temporarily flock to him again. People knock Obama for being too cool and unemotional (I’ve been guilty of that at times), and for the long game, he is playing it right. As Democratic strategist Paul Begala has been saying for over a year, and sticking to it; when he looks at the economy he can’t see how Obama can win reelection, and when he looks at the Republican field he can’t see how Obama can lose reelection. And I agree, whoever the Republican nominee is, his existence will be the strongest argument to vote for a second term for President Obama.

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