Audio Red-Bull: Here’s what they are saying

  • We must defeat Obama no matter what.
  • Obama care must be repealed.
  • The liberal democrats are socialists.
  • Much of science is a liberal plot to justify socialist causes.
  • Take shots at us, and we will fight back dirty.
  • We will create a network that includes our own highly commercial media, propagandized talking points to present a unified front, and entertainers posing as news commentators.
  • My country right or wrong, my party right or wrong, my enemy, wrong no matter what.

Here’s a summary of what I heard on what might be a typical day on the Sean Hannity radio show: Alec Baldwin had Tweeted February 8: “Is there a bigger idiot alive than Sean Hannity?” Sean answered the next day: “Yes Alec, I can think of one right now…You!” And then Hannity proceeded to launch everything he could find at him. He assembled fake dialogue between Baldwin and a flight attendant when Alec was impolite about turning off his phone. There was a recording of a botched on-air radio segment where Baldwin was hosting, waiting for callers. He lambasted Baldwin’s treatment of his daughter. One should definitely not cast stones at someone who fights like this. I suppose the millions of listeners to this stuff appreciate it, in the same way people love Jerry Springer, or the same way fools are hooked on Red Bull.

And here is how Hannity summarizes the Catholic contraception issue: “Catholics Forced To Choose Between Faith And The Law?” Even though Gail Collins sets the facts more straight: “…the bishops have totally failed to convince their own faithful that birth control is a moral evil and now appear to be trying to get the federal government to do the job for them.”

And then there is the way the radio personalities misrepresented a recent report in the Scientific Journal Nature, correcting data on the melting of Himalayan glaciers. Here is a fairly accurate and unbiased summary of the piece (taken from the Christian Science Monitor): “A study of satellite data has found that thermal expansion and ice loss from Greenland and Antarctica account for most of the planet’s rising sea levels, with melting glaciers from the Himalayas contributing less than previously thought.”

Even Fox News online did report the facts, though buried in the middle of the article:

“This new study doesn’t change our view of the risks and threats from climate change,” he said in an online chat at the Guardian. “What it does do is improve our knowledge of the recent behavior of one part of the climate system.”

Indeed, Wahr’s study clearly notes that lower-altitude glaciers and ice caps are melting, to the tune of about 150 billion tons of ice annually, which the study predicts could lead to an overall rise in sea levels. He concluded that the higher altitude and therefore colder Himalayan peaks may be temporarily impervious to factors causing melting.

“One possible explanation is that previous estimates were based on measurements taken primarily from some of the lower, more accessible glaciers in Asia and were extrapolated to infer the behavior of higher glaciers. But unlike the lower glaciers, many of the high glaciers would still be too cold to lose mass even in the presence of atmospheric warming,” Wahr said.

According to GRACE data published in the study, total sea level rise from all land-based ice on Earth including Greenland and Antarctica was roughly 1.5 millimeters per year annually or about one-half inch total, from 2003 to 2010, Wahr said.

But the right wing radio personalities do nothing of the sort. They use all this science as justification for their opinion that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax. How many people listen to this predigested media, compared to actually looking for facts and news?

Hannity tag-lines his radio show, the “Stop Obama Express.”

At C-PAC, the only unifying issue among these “true conservatives” is Obama, (taken from CBS News’ web page): “OK, I would not, not vote. That would be wrong. I’m just doing everything in my power for it not to be Romney,” …Sciolaro said. “even though Romney doesn’t draw the most enthusiasm among the Republican base, their desire to defeat President Obama trumps any concerns they have for Romney. Herrera, the twenty-year old Santorum supporter, summed it up: “At the end of the day, we just really truly want to beat Obama.” Obama might as well paint “666” on his forehead and grow red horns (and we see such photoshopping all over the internet, don’t we?!?). The entendres in my allusion to Red and Bull are really effective, I say!

The people I know who consume this kind of media say it’s fun and entertaining. It is spoon-fed propganda, like audio Red Bull. It keeps people slightly awake when driving, or serves as background noise. It makes these over-caffeinated, over-sugared energy drinks seem healthy in comparison, however. I hope for a market-oriented solution to this cancer. That this shallow and ignorant consumer group will wake up and improve its diet.

Yet we all know how the conservatives react to regulations about junk food.


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I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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One Response to Audio Red-Bull: Here’s what they are saying

  1. JP says:

    Jim, thank you for listening to Sean Hannity (I’m sure it’s not willingly) so I don’t have to.

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