The race as it stands

I saw a poll that Obama was behind 8 points if the election were today – him vs. Romney. The national rational debate will change this. The press right now makes the right more visible because there is a horse race going on there.

It was the right that made a huge debt. It was the right that created a gross income inequality. It was the right that allowed the mega-corporations to send us into near depression. Though they try, these are hard facts to dispute. It is the right that argues like children about restoring us to what are actually failed policies, though “Failed Obama presidency” is something you will hear from the right media as if it is established reality.

So many things are going in the right direction now. Better employment. More sound financial policy, and economic outlook. Fewer uninsured, leading to what we hope will be better health care coverage and lower costs. The public recognizes the economic disparity and might just try to do something about it.

The closest we come to rational national debate is the free press. And they are different than the rage-inducing constantly invented complaining, for-profit agenda-based entertainment press. Funny; I think the freest press is the one most separated from the capitalist machine, NPR. Others can disagree.

Santorum is blessed by the evangelicals, and this will bring him to #2 in the primaries. The evangelicals are a solid block, but too small to carry a nominee. The PACs have blessed Romney, which will lead him to the nomination. Romney will appease the “true” Christians by making him his running mate. This is a rough partnership, but less wild and crazy than McCain-Palin was.

Perry will bow out following Huntsman. Now the moderates will have to see if they lean right – to Romney the chameleon, or Obama (the socialist?). Perry can come back to Texas and mess with Texans. Did you see that he agreed peeing on corpses was bad, but not bad enough to suffer any consequences?

If I had my way, Gingrich will be left to fuss and stir up bile as long as possible. But even he will see the eventual outcome, and go back to pandering to the 1% to feed his bank account and belly.

Ron Paul will be an eternal candidate, like all sorts of other cause figureheads. He will fade from the public eye in a few weeks – whether or not he gets votes.

Soon, the right will wrestle within itself, trying to get used to their new awkward partnership. It will eventually find a message with its talking points and reluctant right wing media support. And it will be near 50% in the polls.

That’s when Obama needs to come out swinging.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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