JP, You are correct, but vain

So JP you accuse Obama of being conservative.

The complaints you lodge, evidence you site, I cannot dispute. He’s tried to negotiate with the Right regarding taxes, budget policy, and all things fiscal. He has maintained many of the Bush-era terrorism fighting methods. He is pretty aggressive in sending home illegal immigrants.

The Republicans, both Congress and the candidates, have rushed to the right. Like I say, the country has drifted to the right. So everyone has drifted to the right, except you, Paul Krugman, and the other True Progressives.

This being an election year, granted a strange one, there is no alternative on the left to Obama. I happen to agree with him most of the time, but I am a moderate. Obama is a pragmatist, more than a liberal. I believe Obama’s activities are a symptom of something really bad. This bad thing is not really a revelation, but it is important.

Why does Obama maintain similar policies as his predecessor? Because there is a military establishment that does not change when the administration does. They have a hold on power that is much greater than some political party. The military industrial complex is in business to perpetuate itself, and it “advises” its leaders as to not only what it thinks is best for our national interest, but its own too.
Talk about the average person having no power.

And that is the issue that the Tea Party, the Occupiers and, well, everyone (99.9%, say Krugman!) is upset about. Me too. Even if a Republican were elected, I think it would make little difference, the military would forge ahead.

So you True Progressives are doubly powerless, right? First of all, you have no one in power behind whom you can stand. And second of all, there is no representation for anyone, on either side regarding the main activities of the Pentagon. I feel for you, big guy, and I feel for all of us.

The Republicans have backed themselves into a corner. They raised one clown after another up the pole, and really none of them have flown, certainly been worth any sort of salute. And the original clown, the one I blame for setting this whole partisan mess on its course of national infighting, is now a serious candidate for them.

The Republican primary slate is a race to the bottom. It is a collection of wrongness tragically trying to be worse than the damage W ever did. The way I see it, Obama is our best presidential hope, though the powers he is beholden to are formidable. What good does it do to wish Obama would swing more to the left? You could make a case that somebody must stand true for liberal principles, like environmental protection, union power, more progressive taxes, tighter regulation of business. Those are the traditional liberal weapons.

The traditional conservative weapons are quite in vogue on the right; smaller government, let the rich keep their money, keep gays and foreigners in their place, guns for everyone, regulations slow down business, you know the drill.

I am in favor of policies that build, empower and favor the middle class, at least until they are part of a stronger America, a truer democracy. I hear the din from the right, who is in fear that the government has stolen power from regular people with its regulations and taxes. Though I can only accept a little of this, there is a principle to their rhetoric that is worthy.

The din from the True Left is that wealthy people and corporations have taken away the power of regular people. We need the government to fight back against them and lift us up. I think careful thinkers should be independent, ands shut out the din from any side. Especially now, where one side is loaded with buffoons, and the other side is waving a banner trying to remind the world they exist.

Which policies truly favor the regular guy? That is the real issue, and the search for those policies is not as simple as any allegiance to a political ideology. What I most need to do is examine the issues and vote. I also can and should take part in the American Dream; get a job, hope to be rewarded for my efforts, and stand consequences when I screw up. What Obama can do for me is get things done, to be practical. And I can hope that eventually, I get my power back.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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