Typical and Pathetically Stupid

This proposal to ban cellphones while driving is really exemplary. “NTSB calls for a nationwide ban on driver use of personal electronic devices.”

It has added fuel to a foolish fire that is just looking for things to inflame the public about government impinging on their day to day activity. The right can repeat, and banter endlessly on their faux media on this manufactured threat. Oh my freaking gosh! Now they want to get into my car and tell me I can’t use the cell phone I paid for, for my own convenience, work use and safety?!?! I am afraid the government will tell me when to go to the toilet next!

Everyone, I think, really, everyone talks on their cell phone while driving. Some do it safely and conscientiously, some do not. Everyone knows that will not change, despite recommendations by certain bureaucrats. The left is entirely aware of this, and any sensible liberal has already dismissed this “imminent threat and overreach of government” as just a news line. They are way past this! Somebody thinks we shouldn’t talk on cell phones and drive. Well, duh! Anyone who has any trust in the work of government to make rational policies and be appropriately involved with our lives knows this will all pass. They are not afraid.

The NTSB will never make such a policy. And they never should have issued such a statement; they should know better. What a partisan plunge. And the media should not have even taken it seriously; they should know better as well.

A media dependent on advertising has the following problems: They need a stimulated audience, and they are beholden to corporate money. The right media is especially capitalistic, advertising aggressively, and ranting and raving to the audience. For some people it makes good background noise, and for some it keeps them awake while driving, better than a cell phone! I’ll less (way less than $10,000 though) that Hannity had a field day with this announcement, and I know that NPR mentioned it, and moved on. Not that these two outlets are opposite in point of view, though: one is way right and inflammatory, the other seeks to stay rational, agendaless and above any political fray. Rachel Maddow must have never touched the topic.

The left calmly acknowledges a role for government with obvious limits, the right loves fear. But either extreme, looking for an excuse to prove a point, score some victory onthe other side, that is just theatrics as far as I am concerned. What is truly sad is worrying more about protecting your posse than about proctecting yourself on the road.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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