Filling the vacancy on the right

Newt was a history teacher. Newt’s history is pretty lousy.

I have no mercy for him at all. If blame for the horrendous partisan fighting and corruption in politics can be focused on any one person, there is no better candidate than Newt. He’s the one who focused and magnified a sort of winning for the sake of winning. Just make the other side look bad. Tell everyone that Bill Clinton is immoral, while you hide your own worse character. The K street project has its origin in his work. His affairs, his unethical deals, his encouragement of lobbyists in Washington, I could just go on and on about what a bad guy he is. The only good thing about Newt is that he comes up with a lot of ideas. Most of them are bad, and make him seem like his foot is in his mouth. Newt is a ticket to the concept that everything that is bad in politics will get worse. He is the father of modern Washington corruption, a terrible, evil man. Anyone who can remember the early 1990s will remember how Newt can take responsibility for starting the partisan hatred that has only gotten worse since.

Newt’s only strategy for success is to act like a smart guy and say things that appeal to Tea Partiers and anyone ignorant of the past. Hurling insults and claiming some kind of intellectual superiority will not last very long. Any sort of national debate, showing the light of day on his record marks the beginning of his end.

Why start a blog with such vitriol? Well, partly because his star seems to be rising, with the ousting of Herman Cain, and the limits of appeal for Mitt, it seems time to remind the public of who they are considering. Perhaps some other Republican flavor of the month will show. But that is not the main reason I write.

Ethics are really no big deal to the right. To them, the capitalist system is infallible; no participant in the System can be bad. Past infractions – affairs, taking a few bucks under the table, alcoholism, creation of a political mafia – that’s just the price of success and worthy of forgiveness, as long as you quote from the Bible now and then. And actual intelligence is also no big deal. One simply needs to believe America is the greatest country in the world – who needs to know the capital of Afghanistan, or how to spell potato, or the names of all those departments of the Federal government?

None of the Republican candidates have the middle class in mind, unless one happens to get lucky. The idea of wealthy people exchanging money is way more on their minds. The public at large – and here is where Mitt really excels – is a market to be pandered to and impressed. Everyman is a consumer of lines. Candidates for the Republican slate are all just so vacant, so empty. What is there is unethical, breeding mistrust. Sometimes I am subjected to their private other-world media on talk radio or cable news. It all confirms what has been brewing for years.

The right has but one purpose, to perpetuate itself.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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