Note to Factions

It’s all a gift from the Republicans.

Romney tells the Republican base whatever he thinks they want to hear, and he’s a Mormon, which ticks off the evangelicals.

Michelle Bachmann panders to the Tea Party; perhaps she’s even crazier than they are, and their influence is waning.

Herman Cain has a shrinking group of supporters, who give him more money, despite some pretty scary charges levied by at least four women. He gets defensive, accusing anyone he can (racists, Perry, the Democratic machine, the press), but he’s brought this on himself, of course.

Rick Perry debates like a fourth grader, an aggravated fourth grader with a lousy memory.

Ron Paul waves his Libertarian flag, but his solid but small group of supporters will not grow.

All the moderate and poorly known candidates will never make it either.

The flavor of the month has now turned into one entire substandard ice cream shop. Of course, there is still time for change (better or worse), but it just seems like such a nice thing for the right to do for Obama. He’s well aware of their antics, and it’s giving him the freedom to try out several different approaches. He’s been the smart guy, the tough guy, the compromise guy, the wait-and-see guy, the man with the plan, the do-it-anyway guy. He can afford these things at this stage of the game.

I am looking forward to the national debate between Obama and whoever the Republicans nominate. I hope that phase of the campaign is not as whacko as it has been lately. Perhaps the Republicans will get it by then: we need ideas that make sense, which can pass through congress, that improve the world. Radical and outlandish ideas are, at most, appealing to an excitably tiny faction.

Tuesday’s elections show that crazy ideas won’t fly. Red states are still red, and blue ones are still blue, but I am happy to say that crazy is going out of style.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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One Response to Note to Factions

  1. JP says:

    A nice summary of the Republican candidates. When Obama was on Leno a week or so ago, Jay asked him if he had watched any of the debates. He said no, that he was going to wait until they were all voted off the island and down to one candidate. A good laugh line, and far more true than the Republicans would like. They’ll end up with Romney, after all their sturm and drang, they’ll end up where they started, and Ann Coulter and the rest will be so unhappy. Coulter might well be right that they’ll lose with Romney, and she doesn’t get that they’d lose worse with anyone else. The shocking thing is that no sane Republicans (they do still exist, right?) even tried to run. Well, maybe Tim Pawlenty, who might have gained more traction if he didn’t tack so far to the right (basically going against his historic self) trying to please the early crazies in Iowa. And hey, only 14 or so more debates to go!

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