Pre-emptive Occupiers’ Agenda

So JP, you found this column on Salon about an egenda for the Wall Street Occupiers. I read it, many reasonable things are there.

I want to make some preemptive comments, as I think you will make some too.

Let us try to encourage a positive image for these people. They are not freeloading bums waitning to have a job handed to them, right?  They are not trying to get the government to provide more? They know that there are rewards for work?

The conservatives are looking for any excuse to label them as useless entitlement seekers, liberal arts majors who want someone to pay their student loan for them. They need to do more than complain about the way the Oakland police treat people.

I’m just saying. We are looking for some innovative legitimate ideas that come from an intelligent group of people who have something to say. Let’s see protesters who set a great example.


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I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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One Response to Pre-emptive Occupiers’ Agenda

  1. JP says:

    The Salon column is here, with responses:
    From all accounts I’ve seen the protesters have been setting a very positive, non-violent example. And as the movement goes on, there does seem to be a coalescing of an agenda, around the idea that we need a more equal society, certainly one with more equality of opportunity and wealth, and we need to reaffirm that people are people and corporations are not (which is another way of saying we have to get money out of the system, or at least playing a much smaller role). I’ve delineated all these ideas in other posts. I think the movement just needs to keep going and not worry about what the conservatives say. They’ll say what they’re going to say regardless of the facts, regardless of anything the protesters do. They’ve proven that in how they have treated Obama the past three years. Have you seen the latest poll numbers? Obama is rising as he continues to speak out for the people. He is candidate Obama again, and his numbers have gone up, just as I predicted over a year ago when things weren’t going well. The challenge for the movement now is to make him govern for the people after he wins reelection and not to again sink into more failed attempts at working with the Republicans, whose only interest is to see him fail.

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