The Benefits of a Separate Tea Party

So Rick Perry is not cool anymore. He’s gone the way of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and others. So sorry. They have tossed out, what? The last four front runners? The Republicans are flirting with Chris Christie more seriously now. Perhaps he is the flavor of the month. Evidently the Republicans need a crazy and articulate candidate.

I remember when I used to think John McCain was a reasonable candidate, before he went rogue. He was a reliable, senior senator, one who thought carefully, and had some good ideas. His last good idea was pandering to the extremists in his party. Something about flipping out to the right wing, it ticks off the moderates. We knew they were a rising power, and it was becoming time to take them seriously. However, going all chameleon is not the trick. It just messes with the confidence of the voters.

The House of Representatives has one good thing going for it: Since they have two-year terms, its membership reflects the will of the voters more often. It’s a bad thing for the same reason. The House Tea Party members are serious, committed to acting crazy, and ruining any sense of bipartisanship in our country. They look like a knee-jerk reaction to a perceived left-shift, and it is lasting through the mid-term of a president who might actually get something good done, if not for them.

So the Republicans have an identity crisis. Shifting around to please the Republican flavor of the month doesn’t work. And Lord knows, rattling swords and ticking the rest of your party off about a revolutionary federal micro-sizing doesn’t work either. At least not in its present political structure. These guys need to get their own party. I don’t deny their right to exist, whacko as they are (this means, not only ridiculously crazy and misguided, but also factually wrong), I just want their numbers to be reflected in the process. They have gotten over-represented in the press and public sphere because they are hard to identify, camouflaged in the GOP. Even their party members are not sure who they are, they pander to the extremists. And that, is clearly a problem we can solve, by isolating and identifying the crazies. If we can separate them, the world can see their minority status, debate their ideas rationally, and maybe they can attempt some genuine recruiting…ha ha ha.

That is, the rest of us can watch and be entertained. The next election, after a national debate, can look for some real solutions to our economy and W’s legacy national debt. We can see the crazies for what they are – a minority of oddballs whose ideas are ready to fade, like Rick, Michele, or Sarah, or Glenn Beck.

With a separate Tea Party, the mainstream Republicans might be more receptive to reasonable ideas. Some restoration of taxes. Paying for proper consumer protection regulations, education, and infrastructure. Means testing for medicate and Social Security. Immigration reform. These issues are issues moderate conservatives can look at, and so would I consider.


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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