An open good riddance to Mayor Boomberg

Yesterday I had to take my mom to the hospital for tests, and while in the waiting room was subjected to watching the View. After a bunch of talk about weddings, the guest was Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York. I have to admit that I have thought Bloomberg was okay, and for an egotistical billionaire who changed the rules so he could get elected for another term was still not all bad for New York, and was certainly an improvement over Rudi (not that he was a high bar to jump over). But during the course of his visit with the View ladies, I took back every decent thought I’d ever had about the little billionaire. He was waxing on and on about how if we just raised the taxes on everyone in the country three percent it would only be $150 or so for a lot of poor families, and then if we did that, the rich people in America would feel better about paying more taxes themselves. Well, stuff it, Mr. Mayor. Have you no shame? Clearly not. In the past decade, the overwhelming gains in income and in tax cuts have gone to the top one percent of Americans. And I’m sorry, but the poor pay plenty of taxes; social security, medicare, sales tax, property tax, and dozens of other taxes. To avoid paying income tax, which seems to be all that you count, a family of four has to survive (or not) on about $23,000 a year. You couldn’t survive on that for a day.

You rich have already squeezed every bit of blood from the stone of the poor, and you have the heartless gall to go on national TV and say if they just gave a little more, then the rich would feel better about giving back a tiny bit of all they’ve made off with in the past decade, giving the top one percent of us 90% of our wealth. And not even Whoopi Goldberg called the SOB on it; so complete is the brainwashing. Because in your world the only thing that matters in America, the only thing, is making the obscenely rich feel better about their obscenity.

So I say good riddance, Mr. Bloomberg. When you have succeeded in turning America completely into a third world country, it won’t be good for you either. Enjoy your life in your lonely gated community, because you should probably stay there.

About JP

We're two guys who met in college, in 1980. We've stayed in touch, and like to talk politics, current events, music and religion. JP is nore liberal than Sid, but not in every way. We figure that dialogue stimulates ideas, moderates perspective, and is in general friendly. These are things we need badly in these dangerous times. The blog name is taken from a song by Bruce Cockburn.
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