Ah, Science

Michelle Bachmann has taken some flak and has had to back off a bit on her claim that Irene was God telling us we had to cut spending. But you know, I think Michelle might be right. Maybe it was a judgement from God, though like always, she completely missed what God was saying. God wasn’t saying anything to us about government spending. No, but perhaps God was telling us to stop willfully denying the evidence of the senses he gave us. That we should stop ignoring science, which is of course using the God given gifts of our mind to their fullest.

Pat Robertson also said the crack in the Washington monument was God’s judgement on America. I wonder if he thought God caused all the fires in Texas to protest the state having the highest percentage of people in the country without health insurance. If I was going to go all silly on it myself and put my own personal bias on what I thought God was telling us, I’d say he was complaining about the release of Dick Cheney’s obscene rewriting of history.


About JP

We're two guys who met in college, in 1980. We've stayed in touch, and like to talk politics, current events, music and religion. JP is nore liberal than Sid, but not in every way. We figure that dialogue stimulates ideas, moderates perspective, and is in general friendly. These are things we need badly in these dangerous times. The blog name is taken from a song by Bruce Cockburn.
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