The Economy Likes Stability

This is not all about polticing and triangulating, or moving the discussion far enough to either pole. It’s about getting the markets to believe in the government, so that they will spend some of that cash they have been hoarding. Then they hire, and it IS about the economy, you know.

It’s also about reminding the world how the knee-jerk reaction that got the Crazies elected was a really bad move. The die hards may stay Crazy, but we need to remind any “sane crazy” person that they have screwed up (W-ized) the economy. Jobs come from businesses, and businesses hire when they have confidence in the market. The Crazies have tipped the balance. I blame the crazies for creating volitility in the market. Obama needs to be and be seen as a for ce of sanity, predictability. That will create more jobs, faster, and longer lasting ones than anything FDR ever would do. And jobs are the issue, not “investing in the economy.” One hundred years from now, they will still be debating whether FDR or WWII got the economy out of the recession.

Let’s be sure not to respond to irrationality with irrationailty of a different brand.

On another note, can we actually understand the Crazies? The people who think Perry and Paul and Bachmann are being sensible?

One is the religious right. Someone has told them how God views politics, and that is a bona fide trump card over anything, including, say, reality, facts or common sense. I don’t get these people, except that they really want someone to provide them with clear answers which the can “believe in.” “If you really love Jesus, then you won’ believe the liberal media.” Perhaps these people are unreachable to the rest of us living on planet reality.

There are the smart but wrong people, who think there was a time when the Original Constitution was not ruined by whatever amendment (elected senators, income tax, gold standard, prohibition, choose one), and now the country needs to chop the federal government in half to get back to the Era of Andrew Jackson or the like. Some of these people can think rationally, but they would really rather Ron Paul or his son would do that for them.

Their paranoia is reinforced by the right wing commercial media (who needs that audience to BELIEVE, Ditto! and buy things! Fair and balanced!). Ummfff. Paranoia, bad. Dialogue, good.

How about the people who think anything the government touches, it screws up? They built a road that now has a pothole. They taxed someone more than their neighbor. They never really did land on the moon. The post office loses money. Social Security…

To spend a lot of money government right now is just not going to happen, politically. It would send a teetering economy closer to the edge, and anger wall street, say nothing of the crazies. I’m certainly not afraid of them, but ruffling their feathers only makes them louder, and I want them to shut up, to fade away.

Shall we try to reach these people, or simply stay in our corner and believe our way totally rocks and rules?


About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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