The Whiners Move Back

Far be it for me to waste my energies on Rick Perry. I care about him like I do Sarah Palin, DB Cooper or Ted Bundy.

The best thing for the Tea Party and for the country is to get a national debate going. It is no accident that the Tea Party core is in the House, where politics remain local. According to both the NYT and the Wash Post survey numbers posted right after the debt ceiling circus, their numbers are shrinking. And approval ratings for Congress are (justifiably) abysmal. What we learn is that rationality IS still present in America. If you expose the crackpots to the light of day, many of them do see more clearly. The Crazies were elected in a knee-jerk reaction, in hand-made disctricts.

The crazies are blaming everything on an “oversized government.” Stock market drops – defund the National Endowment for the Arts! Spilled milk – another indication that entitlements are a waste! The Cubs lost – blame it on the liberals throwing money at them!

You watch, with presidential politics taking the fore, awakening the political center, and the debate becoming less local, the Crazies will get sane or silenced.

I am desperately hoiping that the new national issue will be getting businesses to hire. There is a legitimate issue of the European economy. And instability in north Africa. But with US business flush with cash, slow but steady numbers in economic recovery in general, something’s gotta give. I, nor every expert I hear from, do not see the issue as being big government. Rather, it is stability.

Tea Party, you have only augmented these fears of business! You think you are the solution, but you are the cause. Radical / reactionary politics do little to increase confidence, obviously. There will always be crazies, and they have every right to be heard. Just don’t suck too many Out There with you.

About Jim

I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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