Dust Yourself Off…

Jim here:

Okay, we got bullied the last few days… What really happened here?

  1. The government shrinkers took over the dialogue. Was this justified? Well, I do remember during the Bush era, when it was the Dems whose mantra was that every dollar spent was to be paid for, and this was either through cutting or revenue increases. The Dems have not recently made this one of their talking points. Somebody made everybody think that – plain and simple – government needed to downsize. For many of us, our response was, “Huh? Didn’t we ask for some government services? Don’t we want our taxes to do things for us, like roads, programs to help people, homeland security, medicare, etc.?

    This was to the opening into which the Tea Party shoved their foot. Nobody made the point that there are programs which the public demanded and elected legislators responded. And the Crazies chanted a mantra about no taxes, as if continuing to shrink revenue was a good thing (because they want to suffocate your government, ak.a., maintain the gilded pipe dream). The Sanes (those who are not the Crazies) let the dialogue be defined by the Crazies.

    They SHOULD have said: The opposite of government shrinking and protecting the rich is not government growth and doling to the poor, it is good and wise government, it is increasing opportunity and justice.

    They SHOULD have said that tax cuts DO NOT create jobs, look at the data. Giving the gilded more IS NOT an economic stimulant, look at the data.

  2. Don’t blame Obama. This is the congress’ fault. They wrote the bill. They dithered and whined until literally the last minute. They acted immaturely, they held the global economy hostage. Perhaps Obama could have set the boundaries of dialogue. But he did appoint the second most powerful person in the world the negotiate a plan. He did offer plans (contrary to popular opinion – see #1). Gerrymandered districts (see Tom Delay and Karl Rove) district to further polarize the country, and passive independent and moderate voters, they are to blame.
  3. Let’s find something positive in this and make the next chapter happen. I hope this bill will eliminate waste and misspent money in the government. A blind faith that everything the government does is good and right just serves to appease the Crazies.
    I hope the moderates and independents will get off their butts and vote and be louder than the extreme wings.
  4. It’s about jobs for the middle class. Sometimes government CAN create these. That’s not just by throwing money at programs, but by making business for employers easier, by favoring opportunities over gilding the rich, and not re-trenched punishment of capable but downtrodden people. By encouraging business loans, innovative enterprise, and taxes that are simple and fair.




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I've been leading outdoor environmental education in the YMCA since the 1970s. I love teaching nature, history, current events, being a dad, fixing stuff, groups, and general thinking.
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